Overcoming Guilt and Shame : 6 Mindset Shifts

overcoming guilt and shame


Are you a working mom who is frustrated by overcoming feelings of guilt and shame? You’re not alone.

Working moms often carry the weight of multiple responsibilities, leaving little room for self-care. This can lead to feelings of guilt and shame, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into a transformative conversation with Bre Michelle, a mindset coach, who specializes in helping moms overcome these challenges. In our conversation, we explore six powerful mindset shifts to help you conquer these emotions and find your path to confidence and clarity.

From Cosmetology Student to Mindset Coach

In her early years, Bre noticed a recurring theme among her peers. Whether in high school cosmetology class to college, she observed individuals putting their dreams on hold due to external pressures, be it family, relationships, or societal expectations. One striking example was a friend who dreamt of pursuing a fashion career in LA but stayed in Dallas because of her mother’s concerns. This pattern continued as Bre encountered more women facing similar dilemmas.

Initially considering a career in psychology, Bre realized she wanted to offer something lighter but equally impactful. Her journey led her to the realm of coaching, influenced by her passion for personal development. She decided to share her newfound knowledge, eventually becoming a certified coach, equipped with various techniques and modalities to assist not only herself but also others in overcoming obstacles and pursuing their true passions. This personal evolution laid the foundation for her expertise in helping women conquer guilt and shame.

Bre recently joined me on Corrie Lo Radio to discuss the topic of feelings of guilt and shame, and shared some tangible strategies about what to do about it.

Overcoming Guilt and Shame : 6 Mindset Shifts

Here are six of Bre’s top mindset shifts you can take to stop feeling less guilt and shame and start feeling more confident starting today.

Understanding Guilt and Shame

Before we can overcome guilt and shame, it’s essential to understand these emotions. Bre explains how societal expectations often lead to these feelings in women, especially working moms. She emphasizes that it’s okay to prioritize your own needs.

The Importance of Self-Reflection

Bre suggests self-reflection as a crucial step in addressing these emotions. She introduces the concept of journaling as a practical tool to identify and process your thoughts and feelings.

Building Confidence through Affirmations

Confidence plays a significant role in overcoming guilt and shame. Bre recommends crafting personalized affirmations that counteract negative self-talk. These affirmations can be a daily reminder of your worth and capabilities.

EFT Tapping for Emotional Release

Bre recommends Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping as a powerful tool for releasing stuck energy and stress. She explains how tapping on specific points can help you let go of negative emotions and build confidence.

Mirror Work for Self-Appreciation

Mirror work is another transformative practice Bre advocates. To try this, you stand in front of a mirror and reciting affirmations to boost self-appreciation. This simple yet effective exercise can help you see yourself in a new light.

The Role of Meditation in Finding Clarity

Bre emphasizes the importance of meditation for finding clarity and confidence. She suggests that meditation can be tailored to your preferences and schedule, making it a flexible tool for personal growth.

In Summary:

Overcoming guilt and shame is a journey, but with the right mindset shifts, it’s possible to regain confidence and clarity. Bre insights and practical tips can empower women and working moms especially to prioritize themselves and create a more balanced life.

If you’re a working mom struggling with guilt and shame, take the first step towards transformation. Try incorporating one of the mindset shifts discussed in this blog post into your daily routine.

Remember, you deserve self-love, confidence, and a life free from unnecessary guilt and shame. Reach out to Bre Michelle, myself, or other coaches for guidance on your journey to empowerment.

By implementing these mindset shifts, you can reclaim your confidence, find clarity in your life, and reduce overwhelm as a working mom. Remember, you’re not alone on this journey, and positive change is within your reach.

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