Work-Life Balance Books for Working Moms

work-life balance books for working moms


Balancing a thriving career with the responsibilities of motherhood is a Herculean task. As a working mom, I’ve been there, overwhelmed by the relentless demands of both worlds.

That’s why today I’m sharing 3 work-life balance books for working moms that have been instrumental in helping me navigate this challenging journey called working motherhood.

These books are not only for moms; they offer practical wisdom for anyone seeking equilibrium in their lives. So, settle in, grab your favorite beverage, and let’s explore these gems that have made a world of difference in my life.

My Own Journey Trying to Find Balance

Back when I first found out that I was pregnant with my son, I was working as a corporate SVP, helping run my family’s business.

One of the things I remember vividly about this phase of my life was my sheer panic of how it was I was going to fit a baby into my already jam-packed schedule.

I love to read and average around four books a month. During this phase of my life, instead of reading the classics like “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Instead I started reading books and searching for titles that would help me learn how to manage work-life balance, even before I had my child!

If you’re in a similar position to the one I was in, stick around to learn the three titles that you need to add to your Audible list to start listening to today.

3 Work-Life Balance Books for Working Moms

Book 1: “I Know How She Does It” by Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam’s “I Know How She Does It” was a game-changer for me. This book isn’t just for moms; it’s a treasure trove of time-management tips that can benefit anyone.

Vanderkam’s approach to time tracking and prioritization is invaluable. One of the exercises she shared includes breaking your week into 15-minute slots and meticulously tracking your activities.

Doing this helped me identify time-wasting habits and gave me perspective on how to manage my own time more effectively.

Vanderkam also shares strategies for work-life integration, setting boundaries, and achieving flexibility in your schedule. This book is a must-read for anyone, especially women, who are striving to master their time.

Book 2: “How She Really Does It: Secrets of Successful Stay-at-Work Moms” by Wendy Sachs

Wendy Sachs’ “How She Really Does It” addresses the unique challenges faced by stay-at-work moms, especially those working from home.

The book acknowledges the blurred boundaries between work and home life and provides practical solutions. It emphasizes the importance of resilience, adaptability, and effective time management.

Sachs encourages readers to embrace imperfection, a concept that resonated deeply with me. Her book also underscores the significance of redefining success and priorities according to your vision rather than societal expectations.

Additionally, Sachs emphasizes the role of networking and support systems in a working mom’s life. Building a robust support network and leveraging connections for better time management can make a world of difference.

Book 3: “Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time” by Bridget Schulte

Bridget Schulte’s “Overwhelmed” delves into the modern epidemic of overwhelm, especially among working moms.

It reassures readers that overwhelm isn’t a personal failing but a systemic issue. Schulte identifies root causes of overwhelm and explores how it can lead to effective time management when understood correctly.

She introduces the concept of time serenity and provides actionable steps to regain control of your time. The book encourages readers to redefine success on their terms, embracing imperfection and identifying what truly matters.

Schulte’s insights into time mastery and her emphasis on creating a more balanced life are invaluable. “Overwhelmed” resonated with me. It laid the foundation for my work as a professional keynote speaker on the topic of overwhelm.

In Summary

In summary, these three work-life balance books were my guiding lights early on for me in the chaos of juggling career and motherhood. “I Know How She Does It” by Laura Vanderkam, “How She Really Does It” by Wendy Sachs, and “Overwhelmed” by Bridget Schulte offer a wealth of strategies, insights, and mindset shifts to help you navigate the challenges of modern life.

If you’re a working mom or anyone seeking better work-life balance, I highly recommend adding these books to your reading list or Audible queue. They’ve not only transformed my life but continue to impact me to this day.

And remember, imperfection is beautiful, success is personal, and time management is your key to a more balanced life. Dive into these books and take your first steps toward reclaiming your time and achieving the balance you deserve.

Note: This post includes affiliate links. I will receive a small commission should you chose to purchase one of these books from the link I shared above (which will be so very appreciated!).

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