I’m Corrie LoGiudice, but you can call me Corrie Lo.  

I’m a business strategist, coach, and professional keynote speaker who by society’s standards has no business being any of the above.
I have a very expensive piece of paper that says I can draw well: a fine arts degree.

After graduating college with no job opportunities, I found myself waiting tables for a living. This upset my father, who was the 2nd generation to be running our family’s regional distribution business. 

He first offered me an entry level graphic design position. After, he tasked me with building out a full service marketing department.

15 years later I found myself to be the 3rd generation running the company as SVP.

I loved the work I did, and the people I worked with, but I was overwhelmed trying to balance my career and personal life.


I left an abusive marriage when my son was only 5 months old.

In a single morning, we literally became  homeless. I moved in with my parents so I could have help watching my son and I could work to save up money and rebuild a new life for my son and I.

I was already working over 50 hours a week.  Due to my unexpected move, I was suddenly now having to commute an additional 20 hours on top of that.

Talk about burnout city!

It was difficult, but eventually I was able to save up enough to buy us a new home.  I also even found love again with a new partner who adored me and my son. 

But the hustle never stops when you’re a working mom in corporate America.  

The most I ever saw my son was through my home’s security camera systems, watching him play with our au pair. 

Despite my numerous requests to get a more flexible schedule, it was always denied so I was forced to get live-in childcare.

One day it hit me that I was literally paying her a part time salary, just so I could commute to my full time job!  How absurd is that?

The sad part is I kept pushing on.  I never felt I had a choice.

Then one day I was the one to discover my long term, post-divorce parter took his life by suicide.

The shock of this discovery was a blessing.  Because it showed me I valued time more than anything else on earth.  

What point is working to create a lifestyle society tells you that you need to have if you don’t have time to enjoy it with the people you love?

So I decided to take back control. I stepped  down from my SVP role, and redefined what I wanted working motherhood to look for myself and my family.

After starting my company Corrie Lo & Co LLC in 2018, within

✔️weeks I landed paying clients
✔️ in 6 months I had 40k followers on social media and multiple press mentions
✔️ and in less than a year I was a TEDx speaker

Today, I help ambitious, working moms and audiences around the country demanding more take the same leap.

Some of my clients success stories include:


✔️ going from laid off, to generating $5k/mo in RMR in 4 weeks, to six figures in one year.

✔️ generate enough reliable revenue in six months to leave their corporate job and travel the world taking 30 day “working vacations”.

✔️ secure high-profile contracts, like providing services at the Oscars, six months after starting their consultancy.