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Have you been tasked with motivating an audience who:

  • Is under-represented and under-valued despite their experience and expertise?
  • Feels overwhelmed, burned-out, and uninspired to take action?
  • Lacks the confidence necessary to fulfill their potential as a leader?

Don’t wait another month to get the tools for achieving your audience’s personal and professional goals.

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Keynote #1

Unstuck Yourself : Transforming Overwhelm Into Action

For women and other underrepresented communities in the workforce, It’s common to become so overwhelmed balancing the challenges between your life and career that you feel “stuck”, which if stuck for too long can limit advancement opportunities. However, it’s actually a positive sign.  It’s a queue that something in your current strategy needs to be adapted to your current reality.

In this session, Corrie shares with your audience the 5 “overwhelm culprits” that could be holding back their progress and what exactly to do about them.  After, they’ll have a framework they can implement immediately the next time they feel overwhelmed so they can take continued action, no matter their circumstances and step into the leadership roles they are meant to be in.

In this session they will learn:

  • The 5 “overwhelm culprits” and how they affect their life and career.
  • The two different scenarios that motivate people into action, either willingly or unwillingly.
  • A proven, easy to use framework to manage overwhelm and activate extraordinary action fast.
  • How to manage any situation that comes their way, increasing their confidence and better positioning them for leadership.

Workshop : Create a Strategy to Cure Your Overwhelm Culprit

Both Keynotes & Workshops include in-person, hybrid or virtual presentation options.


Keynote #2

Assertive… or Bossy Bitch?  The Answer to Bridging the Gender Leadership Gap

Little boys are are told they are assertive when they speak up, ask for what they want, and communicate boundaries. Little girls are told they are bossy or worse yet, a bitch.  It’s no coincidence when girls grow up, they represent 58.4% of the US workforce but only hold 35% of senior leadership positions.

In this talk, Corrie makes the case to your audience that impacting inclusive changes in the boardroom begins with how we treat our children today.  After, they’ll see how choosing to consciously treating our daughters exactly the same as our sons (and our colleagues like we would our own daughters), we can help bridge the gender leadership gap.    

In this session they will learn:

  • The unconscious biases men and women both place on young boys and girls
  • The ways the biases negatively affect women in the workforce emotionally, financially, and socioeconomically and prevent them from applying for leadership roles.
  • How not addressing topics important to working women like flexibility and child care are not mothering problems, but parenting problems, and decrease profitability long-term.
  • The gains organizations can benefit from by creating a culture inclusive to women leaders, that impacts an organizations longevity and profitability in the process.

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