Healing Chronic Pain By Clearing Intergenerational Trauma

Healing Chronic Pain Through Clearing Intergenerational Trauma


When it comes to healing chronic pain, one must first understand exactly what it is and where it comes from.

Chronic pain is defined as any pain that is felt for 15 days out of 30 for three months or more. It can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or financial, and it all sends the same signal to the brain. Chronic pain is an area that encompasses all of these, and it can change the way the brain processes information.

One of the five pillars of this show is conditioning, i.e. maintaining your physical health and wellness. Lack of conditioning is one of the five overwhelm culprits I speak about on a regular basis.

Because when you lack either or both physical health and wellness, it’s prevents you from performing to your highest capacity to be able to achieve the things in life that you want to do and to be the person that you want to be for the people that are important to you.

Now with that said it’s really difficult especially on your mental health, if part of what you’re dealing with your physical health is chronic pain. Today’s guest is here to help with that.

In this episode of Corrie Lo Radio, we will discuss how ancestral clearing can help in healing chronic pain. We will cover the journey of Elizabeth Kipp, who suffered from chronic pain for years and how she found relief through ancestral clearing.

From Chronic Pain to Ancestral Healer

Elizabeth Kipp, a research scientist, suffered from chronic pain for years. She tried various methods of healing, but nothing seemed to work. Eventually, she went into a pain management program and detoxed off the medication. It was here that she met Dr. Peter Prescott, who taught her how much of her chronic pain experience was what she was bringing into the experience. Dr. Prescott provided a program for her to begin healing, and one of the tools was ancestral clearing.

Ancestral clearing is a complimentary energy healing technique that uses the present moment to access the past, present, and future. It works by asking the infinite creator, the source of all that is, to help release that which no longer serves us. This technique helped Elizabeth feel relief from her pain just from going through the process once.

Elizabeth’s Top Tips for Healing Chronic Pain

Elizabeth Kipp is now a practitioner of ancestral clearing and has helped many people in their healing journey. Her top tips for healing chronic pain through ancestral clearing include:

Understanding the Burden of Our Ancestors

The burden of our ancestors can have a significant impact on our lives. Science has caught up to what spiritual teachers have been saying for thousands of years: we come into this world with the gifts and the burdens of our ancestors. Elizabeth explains how this can affect our ability to handle stressful situations, and how it can contribute to chronic pain. The first step in clearing this burden is to understand it.

Leverage the Present Moment

Healing happens in the present moment. Ancestral clearing works by leveraging the present moment to access the past, present, and future. By doing this, we can release what no longer serves us and move forward free from the weight of our ancestors’ burdens.

Release What No Longer Serves You

Ancestral clearing helps release what no longer serves us. This can be anything from scarcity to negative thought patterns. By releasing these burdens, we can begin to heal and move forward in a positive direction.

In summary, understanding the burden of our ancestors, leveraging the present moment, and releasing what no longer serves us are key steps in clearing intergenerational trauma and healing chronic pain. By taking these steps, we can free ourselves from the weight of the past and move forward with renewed vitality and strength.

In Summary

Ancestral clearing is a powerful tool for healing chronic pain. It works by accessing the past, present, and future through the present moment. By releasing what no longer serves us, we can experience relief from chronic pain. Elizabeth’s journey is a testament to the power of ancestral clearing. If you suffer from chronic pain, consider exploring this technique as a way to find relief.

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