Save Money

Increase ROI

Be Competitive

Have you ever struggled with:

  • Scaling your business despite having a winning product or service
  • Generating cold leads that are not referrals
  • Building an audience online
  • Dealing with competitors who have larger presences and marketing budgets
  • Connecting with the right customers
  • Keeping consistent with your marketing efforts
  • Standardizing systems and processes
  • Collecting and analyzing performance data
  • Hiring and building an effective teams
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I Can Help!

As a 20-year marketing veteran and executive leader, I can help take your organization’s marketing efforts to the next level with my fractional CMO/COO services.

With my extensive expertise in the following facets of marketing and operations:

  • traditional media
  • digital media
  • event marketing
  • affiliate marketing
  • direct marketing
  • social media
  • public relations
  • email marketing
  • content marketing
  • lead generation
  • SEO strategy (including YouTube)
  • branding
  • graphic design
  • web design
  • photography
  • video production
  • video editing
  • audio production
  • business development
  • strategic planning
  • marketing analytics and analysis

I can help your organization achieve its marketing goals on any budget.


Working with me as your Fractional CMO/COO, you don’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed or uncertain when it comes to your organization’s growth initiatives. I work with executive leaders who are struggling to find the right direction due to budget constraints and help them lead their teams through utilizing consulting, coaching, training, hiring, and building the marketing systems necessary to take your organization to the next level.


Some of the ways I can help include:


  • identifying gaps in systems and processes
  • refining your ideal target client and where to find them
  • brand story design
  • brand assets refresh and redesign
  • creation of brand templates
  • social media content strategy
  • YouTube launch strategy
  • content repurposing strategy
  • podcast launch strategy
  • marketing automations
  • event marketing and sales strategies
  • developing guerilla marketing campaigns
  • identifying the best social media platforms for your business
  • identifying and securing ideal affiliate partnerships
  • refining landing pages
  • identifying the best marketing strategies for your goals
  • increasing social media conversions
  • increasing web conversions
  • creating new marketing systems and operations
  • hiring and training team members to execute on strategies
  • getting media and press placements
  • creation of marketing SOPs
  • generating testimonials
  • and so much more!

My approach to my Fractional CMO/COO service is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

I take the time to understand your business and your target audience, and I create a customized plan that is designed to help you achieve your marketing goals utilizing what you have to work with.  Even if that means building an entire marketing department from scratch.

Whether you need help with digital marketing, branding, lead generation, or strategic planning, I have the expertise to help.

Don’t let scaling be a source of stress by putting off hiring C suite support due to the costs involved with bringing on a full-time hire.

Let’s work together to make your organization’s marketing and operations initiatives a success in half the time for a fraction of the cost!

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Brands I’ve Worked With

I’ve created marketing strategies, assets, campaigns, systems and trainings for the independent reseller bases of the following brands.

How to Get Started

Step One

Book a discovery call with me to discuss your marketing goals, resources, team, and overall budget.

Step Two 

Decide on a retainer package that works for you including number of hours monthly and length of engagement.

Step Three

Complete the onboarding process to ensure I have access to your teams and systems needed to get started.

Step Four

I work side by side with you and your team to evaluate what’s working, what’s not, and how to change it.

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